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BIG IRONY: NEA’s Anti-Mozzie Poster Winds Up Breeding Mosquitoes

DICKSON: Sharing this poster at Sims Drive put up by the NEA (or town council or whichever agency is responsible). The poster is supposed to warn people about the dangers of mosquitoes and to tell them to take steps to prevent breeding. Instead, it looks like they have become the breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

It’s not surprising since they are hung just above the longkang (drain) area, and the Singapore weather sometimes hot sometimes rain. You can see for yourself how much stagnant water is collected on the poster.

What’s the use of putting up these kind of posters if the NEA or town council is not going to maintain them? Firstly they are unreadable like this, and secondly they are now doing more harm than good. Do things do properly lah, don’t half half!



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