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Blame Yourself, Singaporeans, for Rat Problem, Not Poor Desmond Lee

The rat infestation in Bukit Batok has been on the minds of many Singaporeans, and many have bemoaned the Government’s inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the matter.

Granted, the various government agencies should have acted with more urgency on the many complaints that had been submitted previously.

However, as Singaporeans, we should also do our part.

If irresponsible feeding of stray dogs should be discouraged, why don’t we apply social pressure on them. Every passer-by who notices such behaviour should do his part to admonish the offenders.

Posters could be placed in hot spots to educate these dog feeders, and the Government should also do its part in allowing such posters as a temporary action plan.

Similarly, if uncovered drains are a danger to the public, we can make our own signboards to warn others in the meantime, while informing the authorities of the danger.

The Jover Chew incident is an example of public pressure against undesirable behaviour, although the actions were admittedly.

Many have highlighted Japan’s cleanliness and orderliness as qualities that Singapore should aspire to achieve. These qualities do not arise from government policies or enforcement, but from social pressure.

Singapore does not belong to the Government. Singapore belongs to each and every one of us. We should do our part as a collective of Singaporeans to shape and mould our society towards the ideals that we desire, and not merely rely on the Government and the authorities.

This letter was written by See Yi Xiang.
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