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Channel NewsAsia “Ownself Pat Ownself on the Back” with Exaggerated Top Dog Declaration

MELVIN: Humility apparently isn’t Channel NewsAsia’s forte.

Either that, or an over-enthusiastic staffer decided to throw accuracy out the window in favour of “ownself pat ownself on the back”.

Writing about its internal awards ceremony, CNA threw up an exaggerated and misleading headline about MediaCorp giving out journalism awards to those at the peak of the “news business”.

The only problem is, the awards were only open to MediaCorp news departments.

So poor journalists from the Straits Times, The Newpaper, ZaoBao and the rest of the SPH stable weren’t invited. (Ok lah, you guys weren’t invited as well.)

(Ed: No prob, we were comfortably drinking beer at the kopitiam in singlet and shorts.)

SPH is an even bigger player in the Singapore news scene than MediaCorp.

So much for the declaration of “top in the news business”!

At least TODAY, a MediaCorp news department like CNA, was more “accurate” (as Comms Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said about the paper and not the TV channel) in describing the event.

No worries about “ownself check ownself” anymore.

Now it looks like CNA has taken it up another notch with “ownself pat ownself on the back”.

In a one-horse race, the only horse that crosses the finish line is champ.



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