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Complaint: New Digital Signboards at Toh Yi are Unreadable and Redundant

DAVE: Recently there were these digital sign board installed in every block, at least in Toh Yi Drive that I lived.

These digital sign board does not appeared to be interactive. Rather it displayed static info. Only the top image appears to have rolling updates but from what I observed it was totally useless information. I notice people out of curiosity since its something new, touch here and there thinking it’s an interactive touch screen. But very quickly walked away the moment they realised it’s a static display.

One particular point I like to draw across is the image at bottom left corner. It appears to contain all the important and emergency phone no. but I simply can’t figure them out. The resolution is so bad that render it totally unreadable. The images and annotation are all equally blurry

1) Has the one responsible to procure these gadgets tested it to ensure at least the phone no. are readable? I can testify it’s unreadable. So what purpose does it serve by displaying it?
2) Almost now everyone carry a smart phone. Do you think for one moment people will rely on such digital sign board to get updated info?
3) Have the Town Council done a pilot project to see the feasiblity and receptive by the general people at large. You should have noticed by now it’s a complete redundant sign board.

Can the relevant authority explain what is the rationale behind this project since it’s unreadable?



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