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DEAR REDWIRE: “Hubby Scolded Me for Forcing My Maid to Cut Her Hair Short So She Won’t Look Pretty. Did I Do Wrong?”


My Indo maid used to have long hair that reached her lower back. She would spend a long time in the toilet bathing, and I counted sometimes 20 minutes and I think it’s because she needs more time to wash her hair.

The other thing is because she gets weekly off day, she will doll up and put perfume and make her hair look very nice so I’m afraid that she may be up to some naught business and I’m also scared that one day she will bring home some Bangla worker or anyone else while my husband and I are working. During that time, she’s supposed to take care of my daughter who is in primary school.

I made her cut her hair last weekend. She didn’t want to cut, but I made sure that she did because it’s better that she will take less time dolling up and attracting men. When my husband came home and found out, he scolded me saying that it was very bad and I shouldn’t have done it and we argued.

I think I did the right thing. What do you think?



If you’re afraid she’ll attract “Banglas” or other men who she’ll bring home and have a whooping good time in your bedroom or wherever while your daughter is watching the Disney Channel, then why don’t you just burn her face with a hot iron? For sure no men will find her attractive, unless they’re into S&M. Tio bo?

But seriously, there’s no need to resort to such “hair-cutting” measures. Just as Desmond Lim said, “you have a choy”. So why did you choose this maid? Pick another not-so-chio one lah! Then you don’t need to cause so much unhappiness, to yourself, your husband, and your maid.

We think you totally f*cked this up and should apologise to your maid. Nope, sorry, no buts and no pity, if that’s what you were looking for.

Redwire Team
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