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Dengue Spike: Besides Penalising Residents, What about the Gahmen’s Own Backyard?

HELEN: I’m concerned with the rising number of cases of dengue that have been reported recently, and while the NEA is doing its due diligence to perform inspections on homes and worksites, I am skeptical about how much checks go into our parks.

As a frequent park-goer, I often see puddles of water that form after it rains and these puddles are often left stagnant for days. If you were to go for walks at East Coast Park in the morning, especially after our rainy weather last month, you’ll see the same wet spots around. Do mosquitos not breed in such puddles? Are they not the reason I go home with “love bites” on my arms after such walks?

When I go to Bishan Park, I see what looks like mosquito larvae in the “river” of the park. Given our tropical climate, I think the NEA must step up efforts to rid public parks of mosquitos. Otherwise homes in the areas near these parks will be affected as mosquitos look for new areas to spawn.

Even when my family goes for Istana Open House, myself and my daughters leave with mosquito bites all over our legs.

So far, while I am able to find information on worksites and residential areas that are classified as “dengue clusters”, our public parks are not included in such releases by the NEA. I would like more transparency from the authorities regarding this.

Dengue is spread when mosquitos bite infected persons and go on to bite the next person. I hope the NEA doesn’t just penalise companies and residents while neglecting to scrutinise its own backyard.



Thank you Helen for this letter.
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