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“Don’t just Blame MOE, Parents Themselves are Unfairly Upping the Pressure on Their Kids”

SHUYING: I want to bring to your attention this unofficial school ranking that’s on a website called Kiasu Parents.

If you go and take a look, you’ll see how parents are sharing T-scores of top-scorers of their children’s schools.

I believe this is with the aim of (1) hao lian (showing off) and (2) giving these schools some kind of unofficial ranking in terms of how good or lousy.

The MOE has already done away with rankings so that there is less pressure on students.

But in spite of that, parents themselves are re-effecting the pressure on their 12-year-olds.

So much for “every school is a good school”.

The extent of kiasuism and the need for face is just too much, I would hate to be a child in Singapore at this time.

Don’t just blame the MOE, parents themselves are unfairly upping the pressure on their kids.

Can’t they understand that these are 12-year-olds we are talking about?

While formal education is important, I believe that children should be allowed to be children during their childhood years.

Grades, and satisfying your own selfish, ego are not everything.

So too, the need to show that your kid and the school he or she is in is better than everyone else’s.

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