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Dr Lam Pin Min’s Fernvale Approach Shows His Aptitude to be a Good Minister

JOANNE: Hi, I want to bring your attention to the reply by Sengkang West MP Dr Lam Pin Min to those who have asked him about a condominium development in the Fernvale area.

Fernvale residents have had to endure a confusing and frustrating time with the announcement of plans to tear down Fernvale Point, as they are unclear about what will take the place of the shops there.

They don’t want another residential building replacing it because it will be very inconvenient for them to get their daily amenities.

When Dr Lam Pin Min was pressed into giving a “Yes” or “No” answer on whether there would be a condominium development replacing Fernvale Point, he managed to skilfully dodge the question in a diplomatic manner.

This is the Facebook exchange:


Dr Lam took more time to reply because he was busy with a Meet-the-People session, but he still replied.

That’s the sign of a caring MP who puts his residents concerns first, ahead of his own free time.

Dr Lam also replied in a manner that was courteous and honest, and sought feedback.

Dr Lam also did this for another question on Facebook regarding development plans, and he is apparently seeking more feedback from residents and all relevant agencies.


From these, you can see that us Fernvale residents have a good MP in Dr Lam, one who is good at avoiding the hard questions in a diplomatic fashion.

He can still maintain his facade even when put under pressure.

It is perhaps time to promote Dr Lam to a full minister, as he is able to conduct himself well as a politician.

I believe it will be in the best interest of Singapore, at a time when PM Lee Hsien Loong talks about renewing leadership.


This letter was written by Joanne.
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