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Former Female MP Accused of Cheating Business Clients and Abusing Staff

SELFSINGAPORE: I need your advice for my friend who works for a company in Singapore that is headed by a former MP. Due to doxxing rules, I can’t really say which company and who she is but I did my research and according to my friend, she’s a real piece of work:

Her foreign domestic worker / maid goes to her office to perform cleaning duties in the office

She has a chauffeur that also doubles as the receptionist of her office

When she fired the tea lady, she made the Pinoy IT guy the tea lady instead. His new duties included making coffee, tea and snacks for the Exec team. He quit in a week

Part of the job was to order food for clients, she would purposely order less than the required amount. Her maid would then pack a plate for her own consumption. Left-overs are packed again for her own maids (Yeah, more than one). When the maids say that the food is spoiled after a few days, she tells them too bad, she has taken care of their meals

She repeated berates employees and demeans them to carry out menial tasks

Commission scheme was changed within a day because an employee made too much sales

The business relies on 100% government subsidy but she still charges unsuspecting clients

The turnover is insanely high, at least one employee a week

Employee job scopes are fluid and often people perform multiple jobs week to week. IE: Marketing girl becomes Business Development with no consultation

I asked my friend to report her to MOM but he says that she has friends in the Ministry including the Minister of Manpower Lim “Heng Ah” Swee Say and Josephine “Don’t need a lot of space to Bang” Teo.

I am keen to do some justice but I am unsure how other than calling MOM on her.





  1. Madam Leong

    February 15, 2017 at 8:31 am

    The law is the law! Whether she was a former MP or not! Whether she knows Lim Swee Say or Josephine Teo! As long as you are telling the truth, you have nothing to fear! By doing nothing, you are letting this person continue her bad practices. You can write in to the MOM, but please also email LHL at, to keep him informed, and also to ensure that the case will be investigated. If despite writing to MOM and LHL, nothing is done, then it is time to go public with her name!

  2. vijdefrgtju

    February 16, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Just blow things up and big by anonymously. Don’t care he/she is who, as long is against the law/conscience, it is.

    Anything that will make PAP lose power/face or money making deals, confirm they will care.

    If not just let her company rot by letting the employees resign one by one automatically, see how long her fun can last hahaha!

  3. 45678965789

    February 16, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    If really eating of money is being involve, not just MOM matter but CPIB too! Let’s see how these PAP can last.

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