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Former Policeman: Woodlands MP Offered Me a Job that’s Beneath My Experience and Education

JAFRI BASRON:  I seek Redwire to publish my experience at the MPS with the MP for Woodlands, Amrin Amin.

Last Monday; I went to the Meet the People Session to seek help from Amrin Amin, the MP for Woodlands.

He told me, “Nobody owed you a living and nobody owed me anything” despite myself being a Police Officer for 20 years. He was implying to me that whatever devotion, sacrificial and pains that I had rendered to the public is NOTHING and does not deserve any gratification from the society”.

Without asking for my educational background and job experience; Amrin Amri immediately offered me a job as a security guard. It left me wondering WHY must Amrin Amin offered me a security guard job without considering me for other suitable occupation that relates to my job experience and educational background.

Is he trying to imply that ALL Singaporean who are jobless MUST BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to be security guard ?

(Ed’s Note: Mr Amrin Amin is the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs, and was part of the PAP team that won in Sembawang GRC in GE2015.)

Thank you Jafri for this letter.
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