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Grassroots Leaders Accused of Plot to Quash Return Our CPF Rally


Dear all,

I need you to bring your families and friends to HLP on 27 Sep 4pm.
Their (PAP) grassroots will have 5000 people coming to HLP this Sat.

Yesterday, a map which shows the route of the march this Sat was being released. I went to collect the banner for our stage at 5pm today, whistles, vanguard and markers are bought too.

When I reached HLP to meet up with the contractor to finalise everything, three tents were being built to block the path of our march.

4 grassroots leaders came out and negotiated with me. They were trying to persuade me not to organise any event.
Their event was supposed to be on Sat 10am, they said their tent will be taken down only on Sun. But if I were to insist on holding an event this Sat, they will change the timing to 4pm and ferry 5000 people down. They also showed me their generator and said that they will get more loudspeakers than us.

When I asked for the event organiser to come out, they refused and demanded that I not organise the event this Sat.

This has never happened before. We are not marching to Parliament, just within HLP, what are they afraid of?
But I’m only one person, I need you to help spread the word and get as many people down this Sat as possible.

Their event will start at 4pm, their participants will come by 3pm and their volunteers will be there from 2pm onwards.

Our contractor was scared after hearing what the grassroots leaders said.

We will only have a tent this Sat, there will be no stage.

Please get this message out and let us all stand united in solidarity.

I will be there from 2pm onwards.

The event will start at 4pm, we will proceed with our march.

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