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Help! Family is Pressuring Me to Vote WP But I’m Unsure: New Vote Unsure if WP Can Do The Job

JULES: I read the story about PAP branch manager and his group of possible Aljunied GRC candidates (including your so-called “cunning linguist”) and they don’t sound like a very good fit for my fellow residents. But when I look at back on 5 years of WP rule in my constituency, I don’t see much change. Besides the occasional special occasions like Chinese New Year parties, I hardly see my MPs around and I’ve never had the chance to experience a house visit from them.

My parents on the other hand are very hardcore WP supporters and now they’re reminding me that elections are coming and its important to vote for the WP because the WP will do a “check and balance” on the government. But my feeling after the AHPETC audit incident and the lapses found, the WP appears not to be able to manage its own territory, so how will it be able to check on the government? What made me very upset was when I read the updates of the incident, and yet the WP stubbornly didn’t want to give any comments or clarifications, which made be believe that something wasn’t right even though the AGO said there was no corruption involved.

It’s worrying because this is my first time voting and I’ve only begun to update myself on the happenings in Singapore politics for the past two years or so. I’m inclined to vote for Victor Lye and gang because if the WP can’t do the job then maybe it’s time to let someone new give it a shot. If they can’t, then next time round I can always change my mind and switch. By that time maybe the WP will be able to get its act together better because it looks lite its better at managing smaller SMCs for now rather than a big estate.

It’s really between the devil and the deep blue sea. I’m also afraid to vote for Mr Lye because of the negativity associated with the PAP brand nowadays, but when you look at the team they are all from the private sector and not like those so-called “parachuted” generals. So maybe they might do better with corporate experience?

All I want to see is something better than what I’ve seen in Aljunied so far. Anybody that can do that will get my vote. With all the pressure, it seems to me like the PAP has become the new opposition in my constituency.

Thank you Jules for this letter.
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Prabu

    July 24, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Its about time the PAP gets kicked out of parliament due to China Workers strike, Indian workers riot, transport breakdowns, fake degrees. All these are due to PAP & no other political party to be blamed.

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