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“Hero LTA Officer Went Out of His Way to Help Me Change My Flat Tyre!”

KEVIN TAN: For all their recent bad press, I would like to share a beautiful experience I had with LTA today.

I was driving along Marina Gardens Drive when I was pointed out by a helpful motorist that I had a flat tyre on my rear wheel. Naturally, I pulled to the left lane and stopped to check. Sure enough, my tyre was busted. With no nearby petrol kiosks, I started to pull out my spare and tools. And because the flat was on the right rear wheel, I was literally facing oncoming traffic while I started the change.

The most unlikely of heroes came by, on an LTA bike. The officer stopped right beside me and asked if I needed any assistance. Concerned for my safety, I asked if he could just help avert oncoming traffic with his bike and blinkers. He said “no problem”.

What happened next was most unexpected. The LTA officer positioned his bike behind my car, got off and then proceeded to help me change the wheel, without being asked at all! With his help, the whole backbreaking process only took 15 mins.

This LTA angel of an officer is Mr Kharul Nizam.

I’d like to thank Mr Kharul Nizam for his help. He could have rode on but he didn’t and went out of his way to help a motorist in distress. (in the blazing hot sun, no less!)

LTA, please send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to your officer. Mr Kharul Nizam is a rare gem. And yes, all your officers should be like him.


This story was written by Kevin Tan.
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