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ICA Citizenship Applications Fully Booked; 6.9M Population Could be a Reality by 2020

I checked ICA’s e-appointment website link to verify what someone had told me about citizenship applications being fully booked until the end of Year 2023 !!!!

Our government seems to be bent on making the 6.9M population a reality.

If we do the calculations, assuming that each day there will be two appointments,

January 2015 – December 2015 – 365 days x 2 = 730 applicants

2016 to 2023 = 7 years x 365 days x 2 appointments/day = 5110 applicants

TOTAL:  5,840 applicants

Looking at the brighter side, maybe ICA is deliberately making it FULLY BOOKED to discourage new applicants to become citizens in response to our true-blue Singaporeans who clamour that our Government is not doing anything to stop the influx of foreigners that will eventually become applicants for PRs and Citizens.

This letter was written by HK Lim.
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