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Letters: About Price Hikes, How Stupid do Ministers Think Singaporeans Are?

JING: I personally can’t believe that our ministers and MPS can think so lowly of Singaporeans. Do you think we will buy everything just because you say so?

Lee Bee Wah must be one of the worst salesmen in the world if she was in sales. About the 30 percent price hike for water, she says it’s because:

“I think the water price increase is to raise the awareness of importance of water.”

Seriously lah, since the culling of the sin ming chicken I don’t think anyone is ready for more cock.

The gahmen says it wants to curb the vehicle population, but allows people to anyhow buy car and drive Uber/Grab. Then increase the number of ERP gantries and ERP prices because:

“Build ERP to manage traffic and congestion.”

Wait ah, there’s more:

“Implement COE to cars to limit cars ownership and therefore the number of cars on the roads.”

So what are commuters left with? Bus lah, or MRT. But now MRT also difficult, because:

“Increase MRT fares for better service and maintenance.”

After all the breakdowns you mean. If it’s about maintenance, how come new lines like the Circle Line and the LRT can breakdown so often compared to the dinosaur North-South, East-West lines?

Something wasn’t very right, right from the start, right?

I don’t even want to go into the PAP town councils S&CC hike.

The gahmen says it’s because of the need to maintain lifts and pay for estate maintenance, so must put more money into the town council sinking fund.

Then where the hell did all our money from all the S&CC payments over the years go if not into the sinking fund?

You mean suddenly the sinking fund no money already?

I think that if the gahmen wants to raise prices, it will raise regardless of whatever we think.

But they shouldn’t think we are children and try to humour us with these kind of lines.



Thanks Jing for this letter.
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Terrence

    February 25, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    The 70% who voted gave them a blank check.
    So be it.

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