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LETTERS: Ambulance Wheel-Clamped for Stopping at Delivery Vehicles Parking Lot

ALVIN: Okay which bloody goon went to knn wheel-clamp an ambulance of all vehicles?

This is a private ambulance and it was parked at a parking lot reserved for delivery goods vehicles yesterday about 4pm.

Place is the block 762A multi-storey carpark at 75 Geylang Road.

The carpark is managed by Wilson Parking.

If someone suay suay kena heart attack, then how you expect the ambulance to respond quickly?

If that person dies then don’t blame the ambulance, blame the knn carpark warden who ownself think ownself smart go and wheel clamp the ambulance.

Even if the ambulance is illegal parking, you mean the carpark warden cannot monitor and report to the private ambulance company so it can sack the driver right?

Sometimes people should use their brains to think instead of using their backsides.



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