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Letters: BreadTalk Sells Orange Juice that Expired a Week Ago!

PAUL: This is a reminder to all of those people who buy BreadTalk products – always check carefully whatever items you buy, even when it comes to a bottle of orange juice. I don’t think anyone would expect to pay S$3.50 for orange juice only to find that it has expired, but it looks like this orange juice has expired for a week already. This juice was bought on 1 May at the outlet in Chinatown Point, and you’ll only realise upon taking a closer look that it expired on 25 April. I hope the expiry date printed is an error.

I don’t know about BreadTalk, but I’d expect that if you’re going to charge so much for orange juice, you should at least do some quality control. These are usually grab and go items picked up by people who are in a hurry and they are not likely to inspect items thoroughly, so I think BreadTalk has a duty to make sure its items are fresh and safe.

Even if you’re in a hurry, always pay attention to what you’re eating!


Thanks Paul for this letter.
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