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LETTERS: Is the Government’s Incompetency the Reason Why Singaporean Youth Want to Emigrate?


SIMON LIM: For people who keep up with current affairs, the Institute of Policy Studies survey results showing that 1 in 5 Singaporeans aged between 19 to 30 wish to emigrate and one third of them consider the possibility of doing it in the next 5 years should come as a surprise.

READ: 45 Percent of Young Singaporeans Want to Emigrate Due to “Too Much Foreign Talent”

Too many developments taking place around us are indeed depressing. When the going is tough and getting tougher, it is only natural that it must be every man for himself.

Our Total Fertility Rate is at a historic low – do you know why? The impending 2% GST increase is around the corner. Public flats are selling at astronomical prices and saddling our citizens with heavy housing loans over many years at the expense of their retirement savings.

Salaries for too many of our silent citizens are depressed. MRT breakdowns have become so commonplace that they are not news worthy anymore. The PAP government shieds away from giving a straight answer in Parliament when asked by an opposition MP just how much in total each Minister got in salaries and bonuses in the recent past years.

Need I continue with more? Things are indeed getting worse from day to day. If I were a younger man, chances are that I would have emigrated.

Citizens who want change themselves must act on changes before any change for the better can happen. Changes cannot come from the PAP government simply because they are the problems. The PAP government of today is NOT the same as the PAP government of the ‘Old Guards’ generation, both in terms of calibre and capabilities.

For those who are not yet affected by the useless Lee Hsien Loong’s incompetency, I would like to leave you with a quote: You may hope that the crocodile will eat you last, but he will eventually eat you!



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. chong kar yun

    October 14, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Is depressing to see the 3rd Gen losing grib on the future of the country n now 45% want to leave is Sad.

    I think the govt in trying to do more for Singaporean has unknowingly breed a bunch of locals who espect easy thinks in life.. we forgot that there is no free meal in life.

    I may not be happy with what i see but i still think the govt did well..but definitely a major change is needed in our Education n Immigration policy for foreign talent. As the words say..Educate Human Value n the Value of Virtue.. Foreign talent.. Talent development for locals to learn frkm International Guru as me tor in the firm not steal it away from locals.. alllw low skill to come in so locals can move up instead of now tk force more local to take on lower rank works

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