Letters: These, Singapore, are Your Grab Drivers – Rude, Conceited and Anti-Social

DARREN: I wanted to share this with other readers regarding an incident involving a GrabShare driver and passengers from the airport who needed help putting their luggage in the boot of the driver’s car.

The passengers had requested that the GrabShare driver, a “Cassandra”, help them put their luggage in the boot, but instead of doing so, “Cassandra” just got into the car and drove off with the passengers, but without their bags!


What I feel made the situation worse is “Cassandra” even arrogantly shared her actions online, and many others who appear to be Grab or Uber drivers have praised her, or commented that they would do even worse to the passengers.

You can see for yourself the list of comments here. For me, I am very disappointed that this is the level of customer service in Singapore. I mean, surely if you don’t want to lift the bags, you can tell the passengers to do it themselves right? There’s no need to show how “mighty” you are by just driving off and leaving them there.

These, Singapore, are your Grab drivers – rude, conceited and anti-social.

That is what people call poor upbringing, aka parents never teach you manners, and it’s not good for Singapore, which relies heavily on our tourism to boost our economy, for frontline service providers to behave show such boorish attitudes.

Thanks Darren for writing in.
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