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This one not your father's road la.


Little India Traffic in Chaos Because of Jaywalkers

This one not your father's road la.

This one not your father’s road la.

ALAN HO: The traffic situation in Serangoon Road is getting worse. In the evenings, there is chaos, with groups of jaywalking pedestrians blatantly disregarding traffic rules. They would gather along the side of the road, dangerously close to moving vehicles, looking for an opportunity to cross. Sometimes, they would dash in front of vehicles, forcing drivers to slow down or even stop. The situation is worse on weekends.

Such unregulated behaviour poses great danger to both the pedestrians and drivers. This situation has persisted for quite a while and even worsened despite much feedback.

I appreciate the efforts of the police and Land Transport Authority to ensure road users’ safety; there are officers stationed at certain busy roads to curb jaywalking. So I do not understand why the same level of enforcement is seemingly not in place in Serangoon Road.

For the safety of road users in the area, I hope the authorities can take the necessary measures as soon as possible to ensure proper road usage.


This letter was written by Alan Ho.
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