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Molest on the MRT: Man Spotted “Moving His Crotch” Against Young Lady’s Backside

DEAN TAN: Hi, I believe I have witnessed an act of molest on the MRT towards Jurong East via Woodlands at around 6pm.

It happened between Orchard to Toa Payoh. What I saw is a male about 35 to 40 years of age, blue tee shirt, black shorts, slippers and a sling bag, repeatedly get very close to a unsuspecting student.

The train was not crowded but he moved across the train to stand beside the girl where I was standing, and repeatedly moved his crotch to her behind.

The girl did not suspect a thing as she was busy talking with her friends.

I kept staring at him throughout the whole time and only became suspicious when he left the train after noticing me and returned into the train.

I have already made a complaint at the Toa Payoh control station and hope SMRT reviews all the security footage.

Hope SMRT can follow up on this and arrest this person as it is utterly disgusting what he have done. I am willing to be a witness if the girl or her parents want to press charges.



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