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“My Children Can’t Play at Home Now Because of Neighbour’s HDB Complaint”

THED GOH: I can’t believe that the lady living on top of my unit (I am living on the first floor) can actually complain to my helper and now write in to HDB to lodge a complain that my children (4YO, 2YO and twins of 1YO) are noisy and run around in the corridor (my helper would bring them out for a walk for 15-30mins).

This HDB officer has even made her trip here suggesting us to close the door.

This block is situation right in front of a cross junction with constructions happening around. What is the level of noise of my children compared to those?

Moreover my 3 children who are always home are only toddlers. The twins can’t even speak and my 2YO is just learning how to talk. 4YO always in the childcare.

If she is complaining that they are noisy in the middle of the night I can possibly still understand.

The point is, my helper is bringing them out in the afternoon time where people are walking and talking around.. Construction are ongoing.. Cars are moving..

I can’t imagine because of her I really had to keep my children at home and to close the door 24/7. The weather is so hot and humid n the hdb officer expect us to close the door in the afternoon? Furthermore, to ask them to keep quiet when playing..

If I really do so, I would really felt like I am a let down mum. That even their 15-30 min playtime outside the corridor, I had to cancel. Feel sad for my children, can’t even make noise when playing.

Sorry I’m not rich enough to move in to a private property.

Why expect to live like a library when this is only a HDB?



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