Online Scammer Promises a lot but Delivers Only Lies


Sells: Various, such as, car and house rental, food catering, selling of apparel, cleaning services (and it would not be surprising if she will start selling of other items since she is such a Jane-of-all-trades).

Her Modus Operandi:
Either you post requesting for a service/item and she privately messages you, or like the selling of apparels, she would post up copied pictures from blogshops and offer good prices which will then tempt you into buying from her. Negotiations will occur before she asks to WhatsApp her. Once payment is made usually transferred to either a Maybank, OCBC or POSB bank account/ ibanking , item/service is not delivered and when contacted, will start to give 1001 excuses.

Her more popular excuses are
1) blame the ‘friend’ for money that is not refunded,
2) say that she is overseas. for eg in Dubai, JB, 3) Daughter/son/friend’s child is sick and in hospital
4) some kind of case happened and she is currently at the police station.

This post is done up by a group of victims of this lady and we have made individual police reports. Currently, we are waiting for updates to the investigation but as we saw that she has been posting at more Facebook pages selling various items and since Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner, we wanted to avoid more people getting cheated by her. Therefore, we hope that the admins of this page will ban her to stop her from selling anymore. We also hope that the public would take a more proactive stance and share this post to bring awareness of her cheating acts. For credibility, we have also included our police reports for your perusal and screenshots of Facebook posts made by victims.

For those who have yet to make payment to her, our advice is to just cancel the purchase. For those who are currently waiting or have made the payment, if it has already exceeded the grace period, please make a police report or you may join the group of us making a mass police report tomorrow evening.



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