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Please Give Singapore Parents More Affordable Childcare

Getting one’s child into a pre-nursery school that does not cost an arm and a leg seems close to impossible. Despite government subsidies, private pre-nursery schools seem to have adjusted their costs.

On top of that, centres such as the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) and Little Footprints always seem fully booked despite one being on the shortlist.

I believe that early education will help improve children’s social and development skills. I could see how my first-born, who is about 30 months old, improved over the past year after going to a playgroup for two hours on weekdays.

He is a handful, though, and I have another child too. My in-law, with whom I am staying, is ridden with asthma, and my helper can possibly handle one child at a time, preferably the one not running amok yet.

As a working mother, I urge the Government to open up sites for more pre-schools such as PCF and My First Skool in neighbourhoods like Teban Gardens, or do something about the cost of private pre-schools, so more parents could consider these for their children.

This letter was written by Huzie Jasni.
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