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Ang Moh Smokes in Wisma Atria While Wife Shops for Lingerie, Abuses Witness Who Asked Him to Stop

Last week, my wife went into a shop at the basement of WISMA ATRIA (Orchard) while I waited outside with a baby strapped to my chest.

While waiting, i noticed a Caucasian male lighting a cigarette and began to smoke. Of course I could have turned a blind eye and shrug it off, but today i decided to step up and tell him that he wasn’t allowed to smoke in shopping malls here (giving him the benefit of the doubt). I told him he can finish the stick outside, where the nearest exit was like just 20 meters away.

What happened next made me seethe with anger. Not only did he not stop smoking, he rolled his eyes at me and said, “try again”. I let some of that anger out and boomed at him firmly, “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SMOKE IN THE MALL”, hoping to grab some attention from fellow shoppers to pressure him out. Unfortunately noone else was as bothered by his behavior and he just went “WHAT?? i cant hear you!”… To this, i chose not to react, fearing for the safety of my child and in the event i couldn’t control my temper anymore. I asked my wife to get the concierge and call the guards. I proceeded to take a photo of him, hoping all these actions will make him walk out, but the picture i’m showing here shows an obvious disregard and respect for our laws (notice his middle finger).

Shortly after, he threw the cigarette down (i did not capture a picture of that, but the security guards who came after did) and came at me, who was standing about 10 meters away at this point while waiting for security to arrive. Fearing for the safety of my 5 months old i turned my back to him and he proceeded to ruffle my hair. On hindsight, i should have passed my son to my wife once the confrontation began, a lesson learnt and unfortunately a lesson i wasn’t able to repay in kind. Subsequently, he walked away into a lingerie shop nearby and i then realized his partner was shopping inside. I called my wife back immediately to pass her the kid but then noticed he was no longer in the shop, while looking around, a diner at the nearby open air restaurant told me that he was still inside. Checking with the staff, she said the couple was in the changing room and asked me to wait (are couples allowed into the changing room together?).

Fine, i shall wait outside. During this time, about 3-5 security guards showed up and i briefed them, showing them the cigarette and the picture i am posting here. We waited outside the shop for around 10 minutes before i lost my patience and asked the shop attendant to please get the couple out. I believe they were intentionally hiding in the changing room. The attendant continued telling me to wait until i told her that i suspect this fellow was under the influence of drugs and should she not get them out now i can call the police. (He didnt seem sober, and it could either be liquor or drugs).

To that, the man and his partner came out and and acted all innocent and that he did nothing wrong. Even after i showed the lady this particular picture, she continued siding with her man. (She looks to be a Singaporean Chinese around 40 years old, unfortunately i forgot to take another picture). She kept claiming that he is drunk and they are just shopping, not even offering a single word of apology for his actions, drunk or not. It seemed at that point no matter what happened, they will not show the slightest bit of remorse and i just told the guards, just follow your SOP and the guards proceeded to escort them out of the mall. I was already seething with rage at this point and decided to walk away, he isn’t worth me getting into any trouble. I thanked the guards for the effort and made my way off, telling myself that there is still social media to judge such behavior. It is not the smoking itself that angers me, but is his reaction and obvious disregard for our regulations. Likewise can be said about his partner. In before any comment about my attitude, I will say this “i dont claim myself a saint, but i will fight for what is right”.


This letter was written by Gdead.

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