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Groom Good Foreign Talents; The Government Must Not Just Import Any Ah Neow and Ah Kow

Much have been said and written about FTs and how they have taken away the jobs of many true-blue Singaporeans. We criticize FTs for being loud, crude, arrogant, brash and all the bad behaviors of the human race. Yes, I do not feel comfortable with the overwhelming number of FTs in my midst not because I fear them or that I feel inferior to them. I find the behavior of many of them distasteful and they should keep such behavior in their own country.

Having said that, I do not blame them because this is the way they live and this is the way they survive in their own habitat. They do not understand that when they move into a new environment, they need to change and adapt. Why should they? They have the numbers (our government has allowed that to happen) and conduct themselves with the herd mentality. Like herds, they will be territorial in their enclave and work place. Do not be under the illusion that these people will want to integrate. In fairness, some may want to integrate but an overwhelming majority will not. For as long as they have the numbers, they will not want to integrate or become part of the Singaporean community. There is no need to. In fact, they may even have enough people to start their own Province in Singapore and, in time, have their own Mayor.

So who should take the blame? No prize for getting the right answer. Of course, the people in politics who believe they should be paid millions to govern this little island. It is said that “heavy is the head that wears the crown” and it looks like the crown is weighing down so onerously on these politicians to the extent that they are devoid of ideas and can no longer find long term solutions to the problems of this country, problems that in the first place, were created by them. They are a bunch of fair weathered managers who do not know how to handle challenging situations and changing times. They continue to bask in glories of past heroes and adopt archaic methods in a changing world. They take short cuts and “band aid” type solutions to try and solve immediate problems but knowingly or unknowingly, create long term repercussions with their actions. They are not battlers. They have never fought any wars. They do not know of better ways except respond with knee jerk reaction.

When people (including foreigners with scholarships) are groomed from a young age and fed from a silver spoon – from secondary school to pre university and then through university and co-opted into junior politics to think along party lines – call it indoctrination or whatever you like; they start to think and develop a funnel mentality. They become like frogs in the well and their views, ideas and thoughts are blinkered. Creativity flies out the window. This is the consequence of in-breeding and this is what we are seeing in today’s MIW.

Before the ill-conceived influx of FTs, for many Singaporeans, Singapore was like heaven on earth. Singapore was likened to a magnificent dam with a well-regulated flow of water supply and power – more than enough to satisfy the needs of the people living in the valley below the dam. The grass was green; the land fertile and most people were happy – being able to live off the land they work hard in, so to speak. The hydroelectric power generated from the dam was consistent and adequate to meet the needs of her people.

So what went so wrong? Some “bright sparks” managing the controls of the plant decided that they needed more power and so the floodgate was open a little wider at first and the flow rate of the water increased. It looked good. More power generated, so the gate was opened even wider and soon more water flowed through. The obsession for more power remained unchecked. Then little cracks start to appear on the dam walls and as the flow rate continued to increase, the cracks became larger and suddenly the dam walls burst. The water gushed through with relentless force and many in the valley were swept away, some destroyed while others had their livelihood taken away. Those who were able packed up and moved to better pastures. Those who couldn’t drowned or watched helplessly as the waters rose past their necks, making it difficult for them to breathe or find rest.

FTs are like the water – they will flow wherever and whenever there are openings and water like fire are good servants but bad masters. If the floodgates remain open, more and more Singaporeans will feel alienated and all that we hold dear will be eroded.

I appeal to the people managing this country to listen – DAM (pun intended) IT OR BE DAMNED!

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