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Stop Spreading Fears About Public Housing , Property Speculation is Already Scary Enough

KEITH LEE: A house is for living purpose not for speculation purpose.

A flat will still remain intact even if PAP is ousted out of power. So physically it is impossible for your flat to turn back into a kampong attap hut.

If you are talking about property appreciation value itself then you have to understand that property appreciation value itself is a myth. You think in today time you/pap raise up your house value from 300k-500k in the open market there will still be lots of buyers to buy it out of your hand? Got market but no buyer,who want to buy your second hand flat? If buyers got hundreds of thousands to buy from open market they can buy a condo instead.

Also I can tell you hdb public speculation days are over already,speculation price of HDB flats will not drop or climb significantly anymore.Because if hdb flat value drop too much the existing hdb flat owners will vote against PAP and if hdb flat value rise up too much it will deny the younger generation from owning a flat as well as messing up and spoiling the market for the condos sector too.

The PAP are already selling state lands to profit on land sale to private property developers as well as focusing on condo speculation itself by now already. No one have time to worry about hdb flats speculation game anymore.What the government are doing now for hdb market is merely to maintain it status quo.

Lastly no matter what price your house fetch and command on the open market once you sell it unless you cash out and migrate otherwise you will still throw back the same amount of money you got out of the sales transaction into a similar piece of new property.

So don’t spread fear here.

Many people are still in denial that hdb speculation days are over already and property asset appreciation value is a scam/fallacy itself.

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