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Average Singaporean Sizes Up Singapore’s Foremost Political Parties Ahead of General Elections

Have been a PAP-voter all my life but new media, and my own experiences growing up have made me more well-informed about who I wish to run our country. I do not wish for the PAP to continue running our nation but this also calls into mind the question “if not PAP, then who?” And this is a question I have difficulty answering and I would like the help of readers to shed some light.

There are quite a number of opposition parties, but given the history of PAP dominance, none of them have ever run the nation before and do not possess a track record which I can evaluate. Thus, I can only base my decision on the WORDS that the opposition are saying, what they promise to do for us, and their vision for a better Singapore.

The trouble is, all the opposition parties are promising us a better future and I don’t want to make my decision based on who’s a better marketing salesman as we all know from shopping, sometimes the product isn’t as good as the outer package. Could anyone please educate me, and also for the benefit of others with the same problem as me, as to which opposition party can really bring our nation to greater heights?

1) Workers Party seems to have the heart to serve the people, but they appear abit disorganized to me especially with the management of the town council and the hawker incident. I know those issues were heavily politicized but as the saying goes ”there’s no smoke without fire”. None of this would have happened if they were better organized. I know the PAP makes mistakes as well, but these incidents have made me uncertain as to how they will run our CPF reserves.

2) SDP is very eloquent with their words and their speeches are inspiring. They remind me of the past presidents of the U.S. who gave fiery speeches that banded everyone together. But unlike the WP, they have not really ‘worked’ in the government. What if all these speeches are just all-talk-no-action? What if their policy ideas turn out to be financially unsustainable? And i have read about Dr Chees bad track record in the past. Once again, it’s obviously heavily politicized, but no smoke without fire. Even if only 20% of the allegations are true, it still makes me worried about whether I should vote for him.

3) NSP will always be remembered by me as Nicole Seahs party, the intelligent and well spoken young lady that everyone admired. Now that she’s gone, I don’t know much else about their party.

4) Singfirst as I understand, is a new party. I’m hesitant to vote for a new party, I don’t have a solid reason. It’s like how most people won’t buy insurance from a junior agent even if he sounds professional, they feel better buying from someone 10 years into the business. I just haven’t seen enough of their actions and their style. Moreover, some of their members tend to make provocative statements on social media which a dignified, no nonsense politician wouldn’t make.

5) Don’t know of any other party: For clarity, I am a born and bred Singaporean, middle class family and middle class income. But I am NOT asking which party can promise the best rewards for the middle class only. I want a party that can take care of all groups of people in a fine tuned balance that only a wise and intelligent party can do. I want everyone to progress together. If however, I am unable to make up my mind as to which opposition party to vote for, I may end up voting the PAP again because I would vote for certainty over uncertainty, and I would do so very reluctantly. To me, PAP is not treating us well, but we are still ‘not too bad’. However if I vote for the wrong opposition party, and it gets elected, we are all screwed. I know some people will say I am a coward and taking the easy way out, but I believe I’m just being responsible with my vote. I won’t vote for something unless I am well informed.

What’s your take?
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  1. robert tan

    February 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    Firstly, we all know it is no longer the PAP we used to know. For me, today I see it as “more a politics of envy rather than care”. The PAP only knows how to maximise revenue. They rule more with the mind rather than the heart.
    Secondly, we genuinely want a change for the better. We want a Singapore that cares for all, especially the underprivileged, elderly and the unfortunate. Political leadership should therefore be open, embracing, understanding and helpful towards the people.
    Thirdly we therefore need to chose an alternative party. Of course no one opposition party today is equal to the PAP. That is only because of PAP selfish rule attitude. They want to take all and therefore “all opposition parties are seen as their enemies”.
    So we have reach a state where we realised sacrifices have to be made for the future of Singapore. Our system has to change, starting with the way political leaders and top civil servants are paid. We need to be bold to choose an opposition party that consist of men and women of integrity and who are altruistic. They must not fear to be responsible, to be accountable and to be transparent. If we don’t help to give opposition parties a chance to develop and grow, then how else can we look towards a better future for our children and our children’s children.
    So fellow Singaporeans if we truly believe that a one party rule is not good for Singapore, especially when we see that the PAP has changed, then go and change it too. Everyone needs a chance to grow up. Together let’s us make Singapore a more prosperous and a more caring society. Majulah Singapura.

  2. AiYoYo

    February 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    I would like to ask you one question, “What is the foremost responsibility of any Minister?” Okay, let’s make this multiple-choice
    a. Do the job of the entire civil service
    b. Tell the civil service how to do their jobs as the civil service will not know what to do otherwise
    c. Represent the civil service and government agencies to the people
    d. Ensure the civil service works with the interests of the people at heart.
    The answer to your question is the answer to this question.

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