Single Mom in Singapore: Help, I Can’t Find a Job and a Home


My name is Nur. I’m turning 32 this month and I’m a single mother of a 5-year-old girl.

She was born out of wedlock.

I am currently staying on my own at a rented place via mutual understanding with a  friend and I have to move out by 15th Oct 2014.

I have been moving house to house from 2013.

I am also currently unemployed. I have been going for several interviews.

I have  difficulties getting through financial wise.

I have seeked help from MSF but the amount they gave me is not enough for my daughter’s daily expenditure with the debts that I have to clear.

There are times when I can’t afford a proper meal for her.

I am going through the process of getting a proper rental house from HDB for my daughter n me and it has been pending since August just because I’m not under the divorced catergory and I’m below 35 years old.

My main concern now is to be able to go out for interviews and settle all the  debts.

I am trying my very best to get help for my daughter and myself in order to  stabilise and lead a proper life with my daughter.

I want her to have all the securities and meals to grow up to be a healthy kid like other people.

From my understanding of what a kind soul you are, I will be most appreciated with the various kind of help you can think of helping me.

I am still trying my very best to look be back on track in securing ourselves with a roof above our head and a job that can cater with the timing of my daughter’s school.

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