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Solve One Problem, Create Another: Town Council Creates Crack in Void Deck Floor to Drain Water

KEV: Came across this incident which I’d like to share with you, as an example of “solve on problem, create another” by the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council. Or so it seems, according to the sign-off.

Apparently, in order to drain stagnant water from a HDB void deck, a crack has to be made in the floor, going by the logic of the officer who replied. I find that a very preposterous excuse. If someone were to trip because of the crack, will the town council be willing to bear the cost of all compensation for medical bills and any other effects suffered by the person after the fall?

I feel that this is a way of cutting corners. Surely there are other ways that the HDB and town council can come up with to drain stagnant water from the location if they put a bit more thought into the welfare of residents, especially children and the elderly.


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