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“Some A**hole Murdered my Neighbourhood Black Cat!” Serial Cat Killer Strikes in Yishun

LINDA: Poor Blackie used to always hangout at the shops near Yishun Block 716, and residents here were always kind and loved her (or him, I’m not sure) very much. When I go home at night, I would stop and play with her, although sometimes Blackie can take some time to warm up to people. That’s why it’s so heart-breaking to see that Blackie was killed in cold-blood by some cat-hater who SPCA says ABUSED it before killing it. I hope the cat-killer burns in hell for the rest of eternity for this kind of cruelty to animals.

redwire singapore cat killers yishun 1
SPCA also put up this poster together with Blackie’s about a ginger-white cat that was found dead with a HOOK embedded in it. This kind of cruelty has to stop. I hope that Yishun residents reading this will be extra alert so that cruel and sadistic a**holes will be brought to justice and won’t have the chance to torture our poor cat community anymore.

redwire singapore cat killers yishun 2


Thank you Linda for this letter.
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