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Startup Discriminates Against National Servicemen who Sacrifice Their Lives for Singapore

KEV: This has got to be one of the most discriminatory advertisement I’ve ever seen. Shame on you, Livvit. To think that even startup companies now are discriminating against Singaporean men, on the basis of their national service duties.

In case you didn’t know, no Singaporean male is EXEMPT from national service, unless you’re looking at a 10-year-old to join your company. All men in Singapore who have come of age must serve their 2 years national service, and be operationally-ready for at least another 10 cycles of reservist (or 1 call-up every year, thereabouts).

Even after that, we are considered as ROD-ed, which still doesn’t mean we are EXEMPT from NS. This just means we old uncles are put on reserve while the younger Singaporean men go and chiong their reservist.

If you, Livvit, have a Singaporean core, you should know this. So either you only want foreigners, or Singaporean women to join your venture.

I wish your pathetic organisation all the worst, since you are very blatantly discriminating against the men who give up years of their lives to serve our good nation.

(UPDATE: Livvit has apologised for the slip-up. “We are all looking forward to serve NS next year but were worried on how we would continue our business whilst we were away serving the nation.” MINDEF Looking into “Discriminatory” Ad Against Hiring NSMen, Livvit Apologises for Faux Pas)





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