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Thank You MOH for Deserting the “Public Shaming” Practised in the Past

ANTHONY: This is in regards to your story on Health Minister: No Point Disclosing Names and Punishment of Staff Blamed for Hepatitis C Outbreak. I want to applaud the Ministry of Health and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong for taking measures to eradicate the “blame culture” that now pervades the medical fraternity in Singapore. It’s a bold move that changes the way medical doctors have been shamed publicly in the past.


You don’t have to look too far back to see how many times doctors have been in the papers for their wrongdoings, even negligence like in the case of the Hepatitis C outbreak. I think we can sleep easier now, and feel safer every time we step foot in a hospital knowing that our doctors can perform better without the undue stress faced by doctors in the past, and who know that the MOH has got their backs in spite of mistakes they may make.

Maybe the MOH wasn’t trying to practise double standards and protect those people who are at the upper echelons of the medical fraternity. Maybe its purpose isn’t to dodge accountability issues. We wouldn’t know for sure. Our Prime Minister emphasised strongly when the PAP was returned to power after GE2015 that “accountability” was very important. We should trust in the government to do what’s best for us.



Thank you Jeremy for this letter.
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