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Time to Change Singapore’s One-Party Rulership; The PAP Isn’t what it Used to Be

As part of the “Average Singaporeans” take on Singapore politics series, reader Robert Tan has written in to express his views on why a one-party rule is no good for Singapore.

Here’s Robert’s response:

Firstly, we all know it is no longer the PAP we used to know. For me, today I see it as “more a politics of envy rather than care”. The PAP only knows how to maximise revenue. They rule more with the mind rather than the heart.

Secondly, we genuinely want a change for the better. We want a Singapore that cares for all, especially the underprivileged, elderly and the unfortunate. Political leadership should therefore be open, embracing, understanding and helpful towards the people.

Thirdly we therefore need to chose an alternative party. Of course no one opposition party today is equal to the PAP. That is only because of PAP selfish rule attitude. They want to take all and therefore “all opposition parties are seen as their enemies”.

So we have reach a state where we realised sacrifices have to be made for the future of Singapore. Our system has to change, starting with the way political leaders and top civil servants are paid. We need to be bold to choose an opposition party that consist of men and women of integrity and who are altruistic. They must not fear to be responsible, to be accountable and to be transparent.

If we don’t help to give opposition parties a chance to develop and grow, then how else can we look towards a better future for our children and our children’s children.

So fellow Singaporeans if we truly believe that a one party rule is not good for Singapore, especially when we see that the PAP has changed, then go and change it too. Everyone needs a chance to grow up.

Together let’s us make Singapore a more prosperous and a more caring society.

Majulah Singapura.

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