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[VIDEO] Taxi Driver Accuses Passenger of Refusing to Pay Full Fare then Spitting in His Taxi

RYSMOND CHING: Fare evader again …..But it was a funny episode ….. Picked this young man from Toa Payoh Central Taxi Stand . His first destination was Lor 1 TPY , then half way through , change his destination to Woodland MRT , on the way he ask me to turn on the light behind and started to search something , at this time I saw him took out all the papers with a $50 notes ….

When reached Woodland MRT , he started to took out $2 notes piece by piece , total was $12 and pretend no more money , I told him I saw he has a $50 notes with him , he then start to took out his wallet and dig out all the $2 , added another $12 , total $22 , The fare was $29.50 . I threaten him going to call police , but he told me to give him last chance .

Was thinking to let him go , but this young man was too much , after I open the lock ( cos the door was central lock ) he started to spitted his saliva on my left hand passenger seat and run away……

This is the reason why I wanted to post on social media to warn other ………..There are many people don’t appreciate the chance that other gave.


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