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Watch Out! Scammers Disguised as Friends Trick People into Parting with Their Cash

CHRISTINE: There is this SMS that’s been going around, some kind of money scam that I want to bring to your attention. Scammers are hacking into phones and using the data collected to cheat people into transferring money through bank deposits.

They will communicate with you using the account of a friend in your contact list. Then, disguised as your friend, they will say they need money urgently and ask you to transfer to them, or that their friend needs money and ask if you can help out.

You can see from the text message exchange that when asked a simple question like verification of their name, the scammers can’t answer. There’s a lot of such scams going around, so make sure that you verify the person before you anyhow part with your money.

At least give a quick call to show your concern for a friend and find out what’s going on!


Thanks Christine for this letter.
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