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Why are Workers’ Party MPs Silent about the Rights and Dignity of Foreign Workers?

ALVIN KOH: I’m an unabashed opposition supporter. I’ve listened to the WP’s rhetoric that Singapore needs an alternative voice in parliament to check on the ruling power, and I believe in that. That’s why I’m upset that when it comes to important matters to do with social cohesion, WP MPs seem to have gone all quiet. I’m referring to your story on “Denise Phua’s “Xenophobic” Speech Smacks Sorely of Class and Race Segregation“.

Leon Perera was quick to go on a witch hunt againt the MOH to demand more accountability. Faisal Manap has demanded more rights for Malays in the military. But when it comes to matters involving foreigners like the recent “walking time-bombs” comment and “ring-fencing” proposal made by Denise Phua, it seems that the WP doesn’t care two hoots about our foreign friends and their rights to live amongst us as equals.

I haven’t heard anything from WP MPs about this, so I take it they aren’t interested in pursuing this cause with as much vigour as they’ve shown in the past when attacking the government. Why is this so? I hope that the MPs and NMPs, especially Mr Daniel Goh who is a sociologist and should know better the potential destructiveness of Ms Phua’s ideas, can speak up for our foreign friends. They are here to stay, at least for now, and they should be given respect and dignity too.


Thank you Alvin for this letter.
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  1. JD16

    April 11, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Simple, because the Sg is a multicultural society tag is for the STB to promote tourism …as you can see obviously that the MPs are only concern about their own race…yes of course the different races can be found in sg,…and a holiday for each,..mix around in school, sure, the students have no choice,……the true test, …walk into any coffeeshop in sg,….how many mix tables do you observe…harmonious coexistence has always been the focus,….but lets not kid ourselves,….that is not integration,….look hard enough and you’ll find rare exceptions,….

  2. Brahmastra to Indians

    May 29, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    ALVIN KOH, social cohesion does not need multiracial to make it happen. And the multiracial policy promoted by LKY was not for tourism purpose only, it’s designed to protect the indians.

    Malay and Chinese already lived in harmony for many centuries even after the arrival of Europeans, it’s only after when larger number of indians came to Malaysia and Singapore then we experienced lots of social disorder, disease widespread, racial conflicts stirred up by indians, dirty the environment, theft, violence etc all went up, till today.

    Not even the local indian women are willing to walk alone among those indian men local or foreign, so don’t expect your sister or mother to do the same in Litter India.

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