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WP Supporter: Alamak, Dr Chee Just Shot the Workers’ Party in the Foot

SOON HOCK: I have great respect for Dr Chee and I hope he wins in Bukit Batok. This is truly an exceptional man and leader, whom I believe is good enough to do what he says, which is to manage Bukit Batok well and make life difficult for the PAP in parliament. But I am first and foremost a WP supporter, and I’m not sure what he is saying is very right.

Boy oh boy did he shoot the WP in the foot when he talked about full-time MPs! What Dr Chee was saying is that if Murali wins, he’ll only have time for residents after his work is done because he’s a full-time lawyer. On the other hand, Dr Chee says he wants to be a full-time MP if elected.

With one sword he sliced Murali’s potential to contribute to Bukit Batok, but then also dragged down Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang. Both are holding full-time jobs too, right? Sylvia Lim is a lawyer while Low is a businessman. If I’m not wrong, Pritam is also a lawyer?

So it’s the same reasoning that if a PAP MP cannot juggle job and estate work, then a WP MP also cannot lah? Right? Alamak!

Not sure if it’s an intentional or accidental side swipe, but Dr Chee’s stance on managing agents also cast shadows on the WP. He said that by hiring a managing agent and not having a full-time MP raises expenses for residents.

That means same thing in Aljunied lah!

I know what Dr Chee is trying to say. He’s promoting his vision of having the MP manage the ward and oversee the people who are taking care of different aspects of the estate.

But so far I think that Low and Sylvia have done a good job in making sure residents are taken care of. I think in support of opposition solidarity, Dr Chee should hold his tongue a bit and think of how his words will affect the image of other opposition parties. He is a good speaker, but I think he can do better.

Thanks Soon Hock for this letter.
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