Yishun Cleaner Complains: Sec School Students Perform Obscene Acts and Throw Used Condoms Around

GWEN TAN: I have attached pictures which i have took this morning, the neighbours living at BLK 317C YISHUN AVE 9, 6TH FLOOR, will not find this scene unfamiliar, with litters and cigarrette butts on the floor of the lift lobby, rubbish laying around the floor on the rubbish chute area, urine on the floor and etc.

Things do not get better after several police reports made and complaint letters/emails to Town Council, MP and HDB etc, infact things got worse.

We can see different groups of students wearing NORTHLAND SECONDAY SCHOOL uniform gathering outside this unit #06-XXX everyday, you can see couples doing obscene acts like touching each other in the public.

The cleaner complain seeing used CONDOMS being thrown at the corridors area.

On Monday night, they left 2 turtles in a syrofoam box and the water is very dirty with cigarrette butts and urine smell near the rubbish chute area.

Next morning, one of the turtles had died, and the whole rubbish chute area stinks! How can they be so cruel! Really hope something can be done soon and regain the peaceful life we once had.

(Ed’s Note: Yishun peaceful? You serious boh Gwen?)



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