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A Lifetime Living Tax: The Sinister Side of Medishield Life

With all its good intent and purpose, there is a sinister side to the Medishield Life Scheme. It is all good for what it sets out to do but it can be deadly to many people it is supposed to help. Just like the minimum sums schemes, the intent was good but the effect can be very painful and can even kill. What is the point of dipping into the bank accounts of the citizens to take their money and telling them they can live well when they are 99 or 100 years but they would starve to death tomorrow?

The Medishield has this wicked element in the scheme. It is a life tax from birth to death. One has to start paying from the day one starts breathing to the day one stops breathing. Not paying is a criminal offence. The parents would have to pay for their children and would have to pay for their parents as well, a real sandwich that must pay for three generations of living family members. Not many senior citizens would have the money to pay after 60, let alone at 80, 90 or 100 and above. Many would be jobless way before 60. How are they going to pay for a life time of premiums, particularly in the late years when they have no income?

Who in his sound mind would expect the retired, the jobless, to pay for Medishield Life premiums when they don’t even have enough to eat? Do they think everyone is a LKY or a Nathan or a Pillay and can afford to pay forever? Anyone with designs on the few dollars left in the pockets of the seniors, for whatever farcical excuses or good, is wicked and mean. It is a very vicious intent to rob the old. Leave the old and feeble alone, they need help, all kinds of help, especially financial help. How can any sensible and good people, with a good heart, forget about those with bad hearts, designed a scheme to take money from the oldies until they die?

The sandwiched parents/children and the Silver Brigade must stand up to resist this demonic attempt to take money from the oldies. They have to do it now before it becomes a law in the hands of the heartless politicians and civil servants. They must go to their MPs to tell them that this is very wrong and unacceptable. Putting a financial burden on the very old and feeble is unthinkable in a civilised society.

What have their parents been teaching them about taking care of those that need to be taken care off? Taking care of them is not using the mouth and then dipping the hands into their pockets. A govt of wise and caring people must know, it is not rocket science, that old people have no money unless they are the likes of LKY and Nathan.  The govt must provide for their medical care. It is a debt to these seniors, it is being caring and grateful, being human, not money grabbing assholes.

All the MPs that are human, with a little human milk of kindness in them, must not allow this life tax on the oldies to get pass. It is time they do something that will be good for their own hearts. Stop robbing the oldies.

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