Long-Term Overseas Singaporeans Exempted from MediShield Life Payments, But…


If you’re a Singaporean who has lived overseas for at least 5 years straight, you can apply to suspend paying premiums for MediShield Life.

That’s one condition among other criteria which the Ministry of Health has accepted so that those who are permanently settle overseas may be exempted from paying the premiums.

This comes after the MediShield Life Council’s recommendations on the scheme for overseas Singaporeans.

Singaporeans who were long-term residents outside of the country were furious that they were forced to pay the premiums when MediShield Life was first introduced, or face punishment to the extent of jail time.

They even started this petition to protest the requirement that they pay the premiums, saying they won’t have a chance to enjoy the benefits of the health scheme.

Under its recommendations from the council, these citizens will have some reprieve.

They will be able to apply for a suspension of MediShield Life premium collection if they hold a valid permanent residency permit in the country where they live and have lived outside Singapore for at least 5 years before the application.

This doesn’t include short visits not exceeding 140 days over the 5-year period.

These overseas Singaporeans must also be able to afford healthcare treatment in their country of residence and declare that they would not have to rely on MediShield Life when they receive medical treatment here.

Applications would be granted if they meet these criteria.

The suspension of premium collection would continue as long as the individual meets the requirements.

BUT, those who eventually decide to return to Singapore or no longer meet the criteria will be made to foot the accumulated sum of premiums not paid previously, with compound interest.



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