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[VIDEO] Malaysian Abang Goes “Gangster” on Selfish Singaporean Couple to Teach Them Good Behaviour

This Singaporean couple learned a lesson in manners in Malaysia that they’ll probably never forget.

After parking in a handicapped parking lot, they returned to find that a van was blocking their vehicle.

A 45-minute wait later, the driver returned, but instead of being apologetic, he went “gangster” on them.

It turns out that the Malaysian man, Naren Narasiah, wanted to show them how it felt to be a handicapped person waiting for an appropriate parking lot.

Naren wanted them to know that it’s not ok to be selfish.

This is Naren’s tale:

“This was an incident where I went gangster on a Singaporean couple who parked on a handicapped parking lot and tried to worm their way out with dumb excuses. The drama unfolded when I deliberately blocked their car in disabling them from reversing. I waited for these people to come back to their cars for 45 minutes!!!

The driver ended up reversing and knocking into my truck and that kind of added fuel to my fire. It was 6.30pm and I had just completed a long day of energy auditing in Western Digital plant with my 3 other very big and intimidating looking auditors so that is why i look n sound like a thug. Very tired and extremely irritable I wanted them to feel what it was like having to wait just like how a disabled person would have felt. This is part 1 of 3 videos. If some of you feel I was mean in this video, I frankly don’t care!

If you are doing something to fight this plague then you are fit to critisize but if you want to be an arm chair critic, keep your comments to yourselfI fight for the disabled who don’t have a voice and in this instance I think I got the message across to them and hopefully they will think twice about doing this again in Malaysia.”


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