Man Accused of Molesting One Girl on Public Bus, then Preying on Another

JIA MIN: Women, don’t be afraid to shout out to someone if you get molested. For real. Today (1 Jan), I boarded a bus and sat on the upper deck. The bus was pretty much empty, and I was carrying several bags so I put my backpack on the seat next to me. Then, an Indian man boarded the bus, looked around, and sat next to me.

I thought he was acting strangely, so I quickly moved my backpack away. Then, he moved his leg until it was touching my leg. I said “Excuse Me!”

A kind man who was seated behind saw the commotion and offered to switch seats with me. He even helped me to carry my bags over as I had difficulty moving out of my seat. The bus carried on its journey, but came to a sudden stop at a bus stop.

The passengers and I were wondering what was going on. We realised a while later that the bus driver was waiting for the police – the Indian man had supposedly molested a woman in the first deck of the bus, then moved to the upper deck and sat next to me.

The driver had called the police after the Indian man’s first victim had informed him about the incident!

Original Chinese Version:


今天我坐在新加坡的巴士上,因为巴士很空,我又大包小包的,所以我把书包放在旁边的位子,结果有个印度人上来看了看就坐在我旁边,我觉得特奇怪,我就立刻把书包拿起来~很快,他会move过来脚靠着我的脚,可是我很快就说Excuse me! 我后面有个好心人立刻和我说换位,可是因为我大包小包的很难出去,后面的人立刻帮我拿bag,我才顺利换位~





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