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Man Fattens Girlfriend up so He Can Marry her Without Worrying She’ll Stray

What do you do if you have a beautiful girlfriend and you want to make sure no one else gets their filthy paws on her?

One chap from Guangzhou decided to be super-extra-special nice to his girlfriend, and bring her out for 5 meals a day.

From western makan, to Japanese cuisine, to desserts, and steam boat (sorry, battleship).

He’d shake things up every day just for variety, but essentially made her eat breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

That whole ruse was simply to fatten her up for marriage – so that the chances of her straying would be reduced.

The Great Leap Forward was supposed to last for a year, but it took less than that to turn this beauty into a, erm, pleasantly-plump Chinese version of Meghan Trainor.

She ballooned from 50kg to 90kg.


After all was said and done, he proposed and she she said “Yes”.

To which, our crafty male friend declared, “Let me keep you company and eat with you for life!”

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