Man Grills Himself Over Intense Fire Hoping to Cure His Cancer, But He’s Not Totally Off the Mark…

This 25-year-old man from Yunan China used up his family’s savings to treat his acute leukaemia condition.

Still, he was unable to afford a bone marrow transplant costing around 50,000 yuan, or around S$10,000.

Desperate to cure himself, he grilled himself over intense heat on a makeshift wooden grill he set up in his vegetable field.

He was hoping that the heat would kill the cancer cells.

Jia Bin Hui tolerated the heat for half an hour, and was planning to continue the therapy for several days more!

If you think Jia is nuts, there is some scientific basis to his treatment.

The process of exposing the body to temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius to kill cancer cells is known as “hyperthermia”.

And yes, it’s used in hospitals as a complementary treatment to radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Unfortunately for Jia, cancer doctors say hyperthermia is not a treatment for acute leukaemia.

So if you’re planning on crowd-funding someone, why not empty your pockets for a resourceful young man struck down by Nature’s curse, instead of that vulgar loud-mouth Amos Yee?

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