Man Queues Over 16 Hours for iPhone X only to Drop New Phone on MRT Track!

Wah heart pain… similar to the pain when you find out some b*stard finished the last Tiger in the fridge.

After queueing up for over 16 hours and paying S$1888, this chap went and dropped his brand new 256GB silver iPhone X on the MRT track because he was damn shagged!

26-year-old game artist, Lee, had queued up for the phone from 7pm on Thursday till 11.30am yesterday.

After making payment, he collected the phone at about 5pm yesterday then took the MRT, intending to go to the Somerset Apple Store to purchase Apple Care.

But the exhausted Lee alighted at Dhoby Gaut MRT station by mistake, and dropped his shiny new toy on the track in the process!

Fortunately for him, the phone landed in the area below the platform gap, and didn’t get crushed (yet).

Lee said that he would attempt to retrieve the phone after maintenance work on the trains was done for the day – which would be sometime in the early hours of this morning.

We hope he got his phone back.

Otherwise really heart pain….



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