Man who Propagated “PAP Lawyer Saved City Harvest Gang of Frauds” Headline Apologises

The man who shared on Facebook an image of a fake headline stating that the lawyer representing Kong Hee and his City Harvest Gang of Frauds saved their asses from longer jail time has issued a public apology.

This comes after Law and Home Affairs and K. Shanmugam said in parliament yesterday that the Attorney-General’s Chambers considered the headline alteration stunt as a contempt of court case as it scandalised the court.

The AGC had reportedly contacted Neo about his post.

Said Neo in a Facebook post today:

redwire singapore fake city harvest headline 2

The original headline in Lianhe Wanbao (which Neo changed) reads: “Outdated law ‘saved’ them”.

Neo altered the headline to read: “PAP lawyer ‘saved’ them”.

The PAP lawyer Neo refered to is Edwin Tong, who serves as Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC.

He managed to appeal against the jail terms meted out to Kong Hee and his City Harvest Gang of Frauds, and get their sentences reduced by 50 percent.

Kong Hee – 8 years to 3.5 years
Serina Wee – 5 years to 2.5 years
Tan Ye Peng – 5.5 years to 3 years and 2 months
Chew Eng Han – 6 years to 3 years and 4 months
John Lam – 3 years to 1.5 years
Sharon Tan – 21 months to 7 months.

That feat of “magic” however, wasn’t due to Tong’s affiliation with the PAP, but the law itself.

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