MCCY Green Lights India Imitation of “Count On Me Singapore”, Public Uproar Follows

While it previously stated that it was investigating any plagiarism, it appears that the Ministry of Culture, Communication, and Youth has now given a free pass to the India version of “Count on Me Singapore” – known in India as “We Can Achieve”.

MCCY issued a statement two days ago saying it would investigate the matter, after outcry that lyrics to Singapore’s second National Day Song had been copied word for word, except that all mentions of Singapore were changed to “Mother India”.

Further uproar ensued after the “We Can Achieve” song was credited to a “Joey Mendoza”, and was first uploaded on various online platforms by an entity known as Pauline Communications.

However, MCCY appears to have backpedalled and edited its initial statement to make no mention of any investigation, and even say that “imitation is the best form of flattery.”

“Count on Me Singapore” was composed by Hugh Harrison and Clement Chow in 1986, to be Singapore’s second official National Day Song.

And Singaporeans by and large appear aghast at MCCY’s stance on the issue.

Hundreds of comments have been left on MCCY’s Facebook page condemning the government agency for its seemingly supportive stance of what they deem as “plagiarism”.

Others lament that MCCY’s action have cheapened Singapore’s official National Day song, and the patriotic sentiments Singaporeans hold towards a national symbol.

Uploaders of “We Can Achieve” are rushing to remove the song, it seems, from online platforms.

Several popular versions uploaded on YouTube and garnering up about 90,000 views have already been taken down.

Pauline Communication has also had “We Can Achieve” taken down from SoundCloud.

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