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Median Income Up by 4.8 Percent, but Cost of Public Services Hiked by Up To 30 Percent?

ELSON: Is the government bent on making sure that taxes and the cost of public services keep up with or even outstrip income growth?

The median gross monthly wage of Singaporeans and PRs employed full-time, according to the latest Manpower Ministry report, is now S$4437 (including CPF) – an increase from the S$4232 median salary last year.

That’s an increase of 4.8 percent.

Bear in mind, this data only reflects Singaporeans and PRs employed full-time (no part-timers, freelancers etc).

Then, we have this:

A water price hike of 30 percent – not including GST, mind you.

S&CC charges increased by over 20 percent (and even your rubbish collection fee went up by some 10 percent).

Electricity bills – a 4 percent quarterly increase, bringing it to a hike of over 10 percent.

Already the ripple effects of such costs are being felt – even a basic cup of kopi o kosong now costs 10 percent more.

And what’s coming up: a GST increase by 2 percentage points, and e-commerce tax on goods and services.

Still feeling rich?

Even Edwin Tong doesn’t feel rich, so why should you?

Unless you’re a certain Bentley-driving Brother Chong.

Bureaucrats and ivory men might paint a rosy picture of Singaporeans and PRs’ real income growth increasing by 3.5 percent a year after accounting for inflation.

But seeing how the costs of public services have increased, we should be thanking value-dollar shops instead of the government for us being able to struggle by.



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