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Interestingly enough, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has spoken out in defence of the Health Promotion Board’s controversial FAQ.

But, while sounding square, it’s difficult not to feel a certain anti-homosexuality vibe creeping into his statement.

Mr Gan says that relationships need commitment, and its possible, regardless of whether one is gay or straight, to be faithful to one’s partner.

But his next point appears to stress the point that homosexuals are more likley to engage in sexual activity with more partners than heterosexuals, and more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases as a result of this.

This seems to fit with the Health Promotion Board targeting homosexually-inclined groups like Young Men Who have Sex with Men as a target group to educate on sexually transmitted diseases.

The question for Mr Gan is, why not put out a factsheet on whether homosexuals in Singapore contract more STDs than heterosexuals?

If homosexuals are not welcome in Singapore, say it plainly and not hide behind crossed wires.

It would be unfair to snipe a population, no matter how small, without due facts and figures.

As developed nations (even the French!) move towards tolerance, and acceptance of what has been considered unconventional sexual behaviour, Singapore apparently prefers to stick it to the minority group.

It’s time that the government acknowledges the existence of homosexuals in Singapore, and promote integration rather than discrimination.

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